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The Arbitrators of the European Handball Court of Arbitration: Independence and Professionalism

The ECA arbitrators have been chosen taking in consideration their knowledge and experience in sport and/or in legal matters. High standard lawyers, former international sport/handball athletes and persons involved in sport organisations constitute the group of arbitrators of the European Handball Court of Arbitration. The best competence has been gathered to solve any handball and sport issue.

ECA Council - The Administrative and Representative Body of the ECA

The ECA Council is the structure heading the ECA.


Besides its representative function, it is responsible for the proper administrative handling of the ECA:


- by offering administrative support to the arbitrators

- by assuring the coordination within the ECA and during the proceedings
- by verifying the respect of the rights of the parties and the application of the Rules of Arbitration for the ECA

- by securing the independence of the ECA


The ECA Council has three members :
- Michele Colucci, President
- Marta Utor, Vice-President
- Remy Levy, Vice-President 

The ECA Council is assisted by an office. It may be contacted via this office:


ECA Office

Hoffingergasse 18

1120 Vienna, Austria

Tel: 0043 180 151-444

Fax:0043 180 151-449



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